Monday, December 30, 2013

Court Today & Exciting News

Wow! I can not believe our court date FINALLY came. This has been such a long exhausting month. Our car broke down and was beyond repair. So here we are adopting two kiddos and we need a new car. We also had lots of sick - Milana had strep. I had bronchitis.Milana had surgery. (She had her tonsils and adenoids out and new tubes put in). Riley also got in on the sick action. As I said, it has been a long, exhausting month.

There was also the waiting. The day we found out our court date was amazing - other than that was also the day we found out we needed a new car. So through the sick and the car issues we continued to wait. We woke up this morning expecting an email about court. We waited for what seemed like forever. Finally the amazing Shelley emailed me around 12:30 to tell us our adoption was granted! Oh this was amazing news! Our little ones are finally ours!

Now we have some more waiting to do, but we are another HUGE step closer to our little ones! We hope to travel in 4-6 weeks to pick them up and bring them home FOREVER!!! We are all beyond excited.

The day got even better when we found out that Sevenly is once again supporting Reece's Rainbow. This time they are supporting families that meet a certain criteria. WE are lucky enough to be one of those families. Here is the link to this week's sevenly campaign:

Here is a list of the families that will benefit from this campaign:

Please consider supporting Sevenly and these families. Adoption is amazing. It truly is! It is also very expensive. It seems things always break when you are adopting. In addition to us having to get a new car we've had to replace our upstairs heat. Our upstairs AC has broken - fortunately we don't need it right now. We've also had a few other things break. You get the picture. It is always something. It is just the way.

If you are interested. Here is the link to the angel tree kids. Some have found their families and many, many others are still waiting. Maybe your little one is there. Or maybe there is a little one you want to put a little something in their grant fund. I know their future family would really appreciate it!