Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Can You Help?

A very dear, sweet friend of mine is adopting her third daughter with Down Syndrome from a place that is very close to my heart. It is a place that although I left it behind a couple of years ago, it will always be a part of me. I don't think I will ever be able to leave this place behind. It is a place where 27 months later I still see the same faces. I see them whether I close my eyes or leave them open. I  often spend time wondering what happened to so many of those beautiful children. I long to go back again.

My sweet friend and her husband are there and they are trying to help out. They care so much for these children and want to help in whatever ways they can. They have set up a chip in on their blog in order to help the orphanage purchase diapers for the children. Unfortunately, the children even though they are in need of diapers don't wear them because they are so costly and it is cheaper to do laundry than it is to buy diapers.

Please go to her blog and if you feel able to donate towards the cost of diapers for this orphanage I would be every so grateful. You can get to her blog and the chip in by clicking here:

The donations are NOT tax deductible! I know the diapers will be greatly appreciated! Thanks for any help you are able to provide! I'm sure the children will feel much better with a diaper than in a soaking wet outfit!

Monday, November 5, 2012

What Breaks Your Heart?

Yesterday was Orphan Sunday. I went to church thinking I was going to hear all about the plight of the Orphan. I didn't. I was disappointed to say the least. I still love my church, but I was disappointed. Ironically, the one place I heard and read about orphans all day yesterday was facebook. I was so glad yesterday for Social Media because I saw the message about Orphan Sunday all over the place - all day long.

The only down side to seeing this - is that you see it. You can't forget it isn't there. The problem that is - because there IS a problem. We have an orphan problem in our country and we have one around the world. There are far too many children living in dire circumstances. It breaks my heart. I wish that it broke everyone's heart because if it did then more people would do something about it. More people would adopt. More people would support those who are adopting. More people would pray for those with out a Mama and a Papa. They would pray for the people who are adopting!

As I was scrolling threw all the posts on facebook last night I came across several faces. Not the normal faces of children who are available for adoption and waiting, but faces I had never seen before. The faces of siblings hoping to come to America for 4 weeks this winter. Faces of children hoping to be a part of a family for the Holiday Season.

 My heart broke into pieces. I wanted more than anything to be able to bring these children into my home for that 4-4 1/2 weeks this winter. What stopped me from jumping up and screaming and yelling "Me! Pick Me! I'll take them for the Holidays!!!" It was the money. Although they had a huge Grant to help get them to the US I would still have needed to pay a lot of money very quickly. I should have said yes. I should have begged and pleaded with Chris in hopes that we could find the money and make it work so these children could have a good experience in a loving home. Now my heart breaks for them, it breaks for the millions of Orphans waiting and waiting and waiting. It breaks because I feel like I failed them. I should have known before yesterday and I should have been saving.

Why do they wait? Why does it seem that people don't care? Is it because they don't know what is out there? Is it because they are too afraid to take a chance? We were afraid. It is scary! It is also amazing! Today I wish that more people's hearts would break for the millions of Orphans in the World because then and only then can we really make a difference!

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. Please take a moment and pray for a child without a family. Take a moment and consider adoption. Do some research and let your heart break for these children.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Help Bring Curlie Girlie Home

My friend Sarah is adopting again and I couldn't be more excited for her and her family! Sarah and her husband have already brought home 2 beautiful girls who just happen to rock an extra gene. (Their youngest daughter is from the same orphanage as Milana)!  They are in the process to bring home a 3rd daughter with Down Syndrome - Curlie Girlie.

Please stop by Sarah's blog and check out the calendar magnets they are selling in order to help raise the needed funds to bring home Curlie Girlie.

You could also help them by making a tax deductible donation to their adoption fund. You can visit their page by clicking here:

If you are not able to help out by making a donation I know they would appreciate your prayers that they will raise the needed funds in order to bring their daughter home.

Thank you so much!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

1900 Park Fare

We had dinner one night at 1900 Park Fare where Cinderella, the Prince, The Wicked Stepmother, and Wicked Stepsisters hang out.

When Milana met the Prince she was extremely interested in his gloves. She thought they were pretty neat. Not sure why, but it was cute the way she studied his gloves.

Mila liked Cinderella's gloves as well, but we managed to get her to stop looking at them long enough for a picture.

Ironically, the wicked stepmother really seemed to be Milana's favorite character. She thought it was funny the way she kept making that mean face. Each time we talked about her (the Wicked Stepmother) Milana would make that face and put her fist under her chin. She STILL does it when we talk about her.

Milana enjoyed meeting the stepsisters as well. Let's face it. Milana enjoys meeting anyone and everyone.

When Milana first met Drizzella (I can't spell folks) she walked over to her and lifted her arms up to for Drizzella to pick her up. I of course am having this internal struggle in my head as we have been trying to teach Milana that she doesn't hug or kiss anyone other than family, she doesn't need to be picked up by anyone - again other than family. So I was getting a bit anxious.

Fortunately, Drizzella is a WICKED Stepsister so it all worked out. Drizzella looked at Milana and said "You want me to pick you up?" "I don't pick anyone or anything up except for maybe my cat." "If you lift me up, then I will lift you up." So it all worked out.

Chris found himself yet another girlfriend. Looks like this may be why he likes Disney so much :)

While we were finishing up eating the Step Mother came back to see Milana. She came back and told us she was so happy that Milana was still here and that they had all been talking about her in the back about how cute she was. I thought that was so cool that she made that big of an impression on them. It made my day!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Disney Part 1

We decided on a last minute trip to Disney. It began with about a 9 hour drive to Orlando. During said 9 hour drive a certain little one repeated this the entire way - "Mommy! Disney! Going Disney Mommy?" Occassionally she would throw in "Daddy - Disney - Daddy, going Disney!" It was a LONG ride!

Our first night there we had dinner at Boma. It was really good. I am not generally one to experiment with unknown foods, but I really enjoyed it. I was disappointed that I didn't get to try everything. (Well minus the meats).

Here we are waiting for our table at Boma. (Me, Milana, Riley)
 This picture is a bit on the blurry side, but here I am with Milana and Peyton.
 Peyton, Milana, Chris, & Riley on the Generation Gap Bridge right by our hotel. The girls LOVED this bridge as we saw tons of turtles swimming in the water. When we would look down they would swim right over to us looking for food.
 This is also at our hotel. It is the play area. I wish I took more pictures of our hotel - both inside and out. It was VERY cool.
 Here is Chris with his new girlfriend. We had breakfast at Chef Mickey's on Sunday morning. On Tuesday night we got in line to meet Mickey somewhere in the Magic Kingdom. When we got in to see Micky we were surprised that Minne was there too. As we were finishing up our pictures Minnie was trying to tell Chris and I something. We of course had no clue because I guess we just aren't that good at charades. Anyway...Minnie asks one of the Disney workers for paper and pen. On it she writes - I remember them from Chef Mickey's. At Chef Mickey's she had walked by Chris and elbowed him in the head. So I guess that is why she remembered us. We thought it was pretty neat!
 After coming out of Muppet Vision 3D we ran into these cool characters. Phineas was a riot - very silly!
We also figured out what we were going to do today!
 Peyton, Pluto, and Riley at Chef Mickey's.
 Mila, Daddy, Ducky Mo Mo, Riley, and Peyton
 More Chef Mickey's pics. Mila having a blast twirling her napkin in the air and singing. Ooh! Another neat bit of info. The last time we were at Chef Mickey's was about 4 years ago. The waiter we had this time was the same waiter we had 4 years ago. We remembered him as he is originally from a city close to where Chris and I are from.
More pictures and random bits of info to come. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Random Pictures & Thoughts

It has been forever since I have posted so I thought I'd just post some pictures and random thoughts.

Nadia & Milana crack me up. I think Milana was holding Nadia's hands so she doesn't pull her hair. Hee hee! Karma sweet girl!

 Riley & Peyton looking as pretty as ever :)
 Oh look! It is the cutest little sister. The problem is she KNOWS she is cute!
 My girls being silly as always. Gotta love pretty girls with a sense of humor!
 Water gun fight! Gotta love summer!
 Little Miss Caniac!
 Special Olympics fun!
 No, Milana doesn't wear glasses. She decided to grab some doll glasses, grab a magazine, plop herself and her magazine down at the table, put her glasses on, and start reading. She is a nut!
 Mila was sad that Ukraine got knocked out of the Euro Cup. She enjoyed watching the games.
 Yummy! Banana Splits for dinner! Does it get any better?

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Help Sweet Caroline Come Home!

I have finally added Sweet Caroline's Reece's Rainbow donation box onto my blog. It is at the top left hand side.

This is a picture of Caroline. Isn't she just adorable? I can't believe how big this precious girl has gotten. Her family has watched her grow up in pictures over the last couple of years. It has truly been a roller coaster ride for them. They have worked so hard to bring her home and they are FINALLY getting closer. They really could use our help.

If you are able to make a donation to their adoption I would appreciate it, they would appreciate it, Sweet Caroline would appreciate it, and Milana would too!

 Caroline is in the same orphanage that Milana lived in for the first 3 years of her life. I know she would love for yet another one of her little friends to come home!
All donations made through the donation box are tax deductible. No donation is too big or too small! Please consider helping an orphan come home to her forever family!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Crazy Hair Day & Wacky Tacky Day

Milana's school is having Spirit Week this week. So far they have had pajama day, crazy hair day, and wacky tacky day. I LOVE when my school has these kinds of fun days so I have enjoyed getting Milana ready for school!

Milana actually kept her hair in all of these pony tails the ENTIRE day! This is a miracle!

 Don't you just love the purple and black zebra pants? I have been trying to figure out when she can where them and with what. Gotta love a day where its okay to not match. (Truth be told I really don't know how to match).

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

31 Fundraiser for Sweet Caroline

Through Reece's Rainbow and the adoption process I not only got a beautiful little girl with designer jeans, but I also got a lot more! I have these new amazing friends who are really much more like family to me. One of those amazing friends is Sarah.

Sarah and I became friends in the summer of 2010 as I was heading over the Atlantic Ocean to meet Milana. We chatted while I was in Ukraine, we chatted when I got home from Ukraine, and we chat pretty much every day of the week.

If you don't know Sarah's story I am going to try to give you the short version. Sarah and her husband were in process to adopt Sweet Caroline in the Summer of 2010. They had a long process as they also had to wait for their little girl to become available. In the Summer of 2011 their dossier was in Ukraine and waiting. Unfortunately they never received their travel date because the laws changed and Caroline was no longer available for adoption.

To say that this was a difficult and sad time for Sarah and her family isn't really covering just how awful this was. I know I felt awful and I wasn't adopting Caroline. I just hurt for my sweet friend!

About 3 weeks ago (7 months after finding out they could not adopt Caroline as she was no longer available for international adoption) Sarah received a phone call from the amazing State Side Helper Nancy who told her that the laws had changed and Caroline WAS available yet again!!! So Sarah got her paperwork updated and/or redone. She had it done in an amazing 8 days - and I thought getting my stuff done in 2 months was good - JEESH!!!

Sarah is now waiting for her documents to be approved, submitted, and to get a travel date. I really want more than anything to help her raise the money she needs for her adoption. In order to do that I am having a 31 fundraiser (I am a consultant) and am going to donate the proceeds to Sarah's adoption fund.

I would love it if you would help out by ordering something. You can go to and click on place an order and you can begin shopping. Or if you would like to donate directly to their FSP you can go to Either way I would greatly appreciate any help you can give them.

Oh and if you like purses for every $31 you spend all purses are 1/2 off. Thank you so much for your help!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Please Say A Little Prayer

I have a friend who could really use your prayers. She is one of the most amazing people I have come to know. She was in the process to adopt an adorable little girl when we were heading to Ukraine to get Milana. She worked tirelessly to do everything she needed to get this little girl. Her dossier was in this little girls country and then the adoption laws changed and she was no longer able to bring this little girl home.

She recently received a phone call telling her that the laws changed yet again and that if she wants to get her little girl to get moving on her dossier. (The entire thing needs to be redone because all of her documents expired).

If you could pray for my friend I would really appreciate it. She has been through so much in trying to get her little girl - then losing her - then having to grieve that loss. Now she is back at it and working to get her dossier done as quickly as possible in order to bring her daughter home. She really could use all the prayers she can get.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Guess Who Got Glasses?

These two gorgeous girls just got glasses. Aren't they adorable???
I know I think so :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy for some - sad for others

I just found out today that sweet Spencer is on the My Family Found Me page. I'm so excited that he will be going home soon to a family of his very own. One who will love him and care for him and give him a much better life.

I am also happy for sweet Kory who also has a family coming for him. It is always great to see these kiddos finding their forever families.

Brent is STILL waiting! Won't someone please bring this angel home? He has been waiting for SO long!!!

Alexander is waiting too. Where or where is his Mama and Papa? I hate to think of these kids waiting a minute longer for their family to come get them.

There are so many children in the world that are in need of forever families - about 147 MILLION orphans. Why do they have to continue to wait?