Thursday, May 15, 2014

3 Months Home

Our newest littles have been home for 3 months. (Mila has been home now 3 years 8 months).
We have been enjoying the beautiful weather and spending some time outside.
Doychin really likes to play on the slide and the roller coaster. His first ride on the roller coaster was not successful at all, but he watched Mila enjoying it and decided to give it another shot. He has gotten brave and now tries to climb up the slide. However, he is constantly thwarted as this Mama is a firm believer in going DOWN the slide and not climbing up. Sorry little man!

Doychin enjoys following Mila and copying whatever it is she is doing. So of course he decided to give the hoola hoop a shot. He couldn't quite manage it, but he will get there eventually. 

What a surprise it was to find Rumyana playing with toys!. She doesn't really care for toys or playing much so this was a special treat. 

I know Mila really enjoyed this short lived tea party with her little sister. 

These last three months have been quite busy for the most part. I don't think any of our other four children have had quite as many doctor appointments as the two new littles. We seem to always have somewhere to go or some doctor to see. It is nice the days where there is nothing to do. Then we just get to relax and hang out.