Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

This year Father's Day was bittersweet. Milana, Riley, Peyton, and I got to spend it with my Dad and both of my grandfathers. However, we were without their amazing Dad.

Here Milana is pretending to talk on the phone with her Daddy. She had just finished talking to him and had to give up the phone so that her sisters could talk. Needless to say Milana was less than thrilled to give up the phone.

Here Milana was actually talking to her Daddy and just babbling away.

Can you tell I'm going to have real phone issues with this one when she gets older. She'll be wanting a cell phone by Kindergarten :)

Not sure how my Mom snuck into some of these Father's Day pics, but since Milana was making a really cute face I had to allow this one.

Riley, Milana, and Peyton are really enjoying spending time with their grandparents, but I can't say enough how much they miss their Daddy. Especially on Father's Day!

Peyton, Riley, and Milana with their grandpa (my Dad).

Peyton, Pop, Milana, and Riley

The girls with Pop again.

Milana and Grandpa playing with the telescope.

Dziadz and Milana

Peyton, Dziadz, Milana, and Riley

The girls and Dziadz again :)

What a great day we had today with my Dad and Grandfather's. It was a fabulous day. I just wish Chris was here with us.

Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dear Daddy

These three beautiful girls have taken over my blog in order to give a shout out to their Daddy. As you can see they think he is pretty special. So special in fact he gets 2 thumbs up from all three of them.

Riley Erin

Dear Daddy,
I love you because when I am sad you help me feel better. You are nice to me and Peyton and Milana and Karissa. You help us and teach us things like how to play wiffle ball. You always get us boxes so we can make things like our horse and the fart fort. You let me snuggle with you and let me hug you. I love you!
PS – You know you want to get us a little brother!

Peyton Elizabeth

Dear Daddy,
I love you. You are nice to us and you help us when we play wiffle ball and Wii Animal Crossing City Folk. You help us work on projects like the Fart Fort and you put up our moon in our bedroom. You play games with us like Blokus. You help us feel better when we are sick. You take us on lots of fun trips like when we went to the Notre Dame Spring Game and you are taking us to Okracoke. You also took to us to your work picnic and it was fun. I love you so much!
PS – I want a little brother!

Milana Alexandra

Dear Daddy,
I love you because you went all the way to Ukraine to get me. You only saw a picture of me and that was it. You didn’t care that I have Down Syndrome. It never bothered you a bit. You and Mommy got on a plane and flew lots of miles and had to be away from my sisters just to get me. You ate lots of foods that were different and had to get used to a new culture. I am so glad that you came to get me Daddy. I am so happy that you are MY Daddy. I love you so much! Thank you for teaching me and playing with me and loving me. I love to play puzzles with you and look at books with you and play McDonalds with you. I am so happy you take me to do fun things like going to see the Carolina Hurricanes. They are my most favorite hockey team. I love watching the Irish with you because I really like that Leprechaun guy and I love the Yankees too. Mostly Daddy I love you! Life is so good.

We know it isn't quite Father's Day yet, but we just wanted to make sure our Daddy knows just how much we love him. And we miss him too. Wish you were here Daddy! We can't wait to come home to be with you. Milana asks to go home every day!

We have the best Daddy in the whole world!

Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Been Awhile

School is out and we are still busy, busy, busy. We made the 10 hour ride from NC to NY on Tuesday so we can spend time with my grandparents, parents, brother, and sister.

We decided to take a little break from visiting yesterday so that we could head to the park. When we got there Milana's face lit up! I guess she likes the park.

All three girls had a blast!

If I could only get all three girls to look at the camera at the same time....

Milana wanted to jump into the pond with the ducks. We had to hold her back :)

My girls heading into the maze.

Slides are so much fun!

Fortunately Milana didn't eat any sand while playing in the giant sandbox. Yay!!!

There was so much to do Milana didn't spend more than a few seconds anywhere she went. She couldn't decide if she wanted to continue to rock in the jeep or jump out while it was still moving.

My big girls having fun!