Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Pics - Better Late Than Never

Hanging out in the yard on Easter after one of the MANY Easter Egg hunts we had.

Milana really got into the Easter Egg Hunt.

Thanks for the egg :)

This is fun!

Milana thinks her sisters are very silly!

Milana and her Daddy :)

Daddy and his girls.

Me and my girls.

Look at these pretty girls.

Milana got a baby doll from the Easter Bunny.

We really had a nice Easter this year. Milana LOVED that she got a piece of candy first thing in the morning before breakfast. She was quite surprised by that little treat. Of course Riley and Peyton thought that was great too!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Exercise Anyone?

In my attempt to get fit I have gained a fabulous workout buddy. Ok...maybe fabulous is not quite the right word. How about cute? Yes, I have gained a seriously cute workout partner.

Milana LOVES to join in my workouts - which by the way is not always the most convenient or helpful, but she really enjoys it.

Just look at her go!

She is such a riot!

This is fun and easy Mom! What are you always complaining about???

You just have to chilax and do your best and forget the rest just like that guy on the video says!

Look I can touch my toes.

Could this be any more fun?

As you an see Milana really loves a good workout. For me it gets a little trickier when this small fry is glued to my leg or hops on my back in the middle of a workout, but...there is never a dull moment at my house!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fun with Friends

It seems like it has been forever since I got on here and posted about anything. Life has been good, but busy. We had our Spring Break last week which was nice in many ways. One of which was we got to spend some time with good friends. We headed over to Lydia's house one day where all the kids got to play and the grown ups got to chat. I'm not sure who had more fun.

Mira & Milana FINALLY got to meet! I think they enjoyed each other.

We had a nice picnic lunch outside. The kids enjoyed the picnic until the bumble bees showed up. For some (and I won't name names, but will just say some of each of our kiddos) this was quite upsetting. The bees really ruined their outside fun ;)

As for Mira and Milana they didn't seem to mind or notice the bees. They were quite focussed on their lunch. Unfortunately we couldn't stay out too long. Milana's skin is so fair that she burns rather quickly.

Not sure what Milana is looking at here, but she looks like she was caught doing something. Perhaps it was right after she made that huge mess with all the toys!

Look at pretty Miss Mira and that BEAUTIFUL smile! I can never seem to catch Milana smiling like this. What a cutie pie you are Mira!

Hmmm...what is that look all about Mira? Could it be that Milana made yet another mess of your toys? What a messy house guest that Milana is :)

Gee - what is with all the pictures already. Can we get back to playing now or what?

Look at all the big kids. Aren't they cute too? Seriously...look at all those blondes. They could be related they are all so darn blonde (and cute).

These guys are all such great buddies. We are lucky to have such a great group of friends. The big kids all played so nicely together. What a treat for the Moms!

A hug goodbye before it is time to go. Even the little kids have become fast friends.

Can't wait til next time.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Fundraising Fun & Finding Families

This little guy is one of my favorite kiddos on Reece's Rainbow. (Yes, I have LOTS of favorites)! His name is Theo and he needs our help. Theo is 2 years old and needs a family. Right now he is living in an orphanage in Eastern Europe. Look at how beautiful this little guy is! Maybe you aren't able to adopt or do not want to adopt. You can still help! Consider making a donation to Theo's adoption fund. This will help not only Theo, but his future family as well. You can make a donation by clicking on the Easter Basket on my blog. This will bring you directly to Theo on the Reece's Rainbow website. You then click on Theo and make your donation. It is really easy AND it is tax deductible! Here is another one of my FAVORITE kiddos. This is Landon - he is going to be 5 in July. Landon also needs our help. He needs his family to find him. Landon also needs people to donate to his adoption fund. In order to donate to Landon's adoption fund you can click on the picture of Landon at the top of my blog. This is also tax deductible. It will also feel good to help a child in need :) This little angel is sweet Caroline. She has actually gotten so much bigger since this picture was taken. Caroline HAS a Mommy & Daddy. (She has 2 big brothers too). They are working very hard to get to her. As they do that they are also trying to raise the funds to bring her home. Please consider helping them get her home. You can make donations through the chip in on my blog. This goes directly to Reece's Rainbow (to the adoption fund for Caroline) and is - you guessed it - tax deductible. I am also doing a give away for Caroline. I have two $25 gift cards for Dunkin Donuts and two $25 gift cards for Starbucks. Please consider donating or posting this information on your blog or facebook page in order to get entered into the drawing for the gift cards.

These children and families REALLY need our help. The cost of adoption is so high. Most times the ONLY thing standing in the way of a child finding a family is the cost. Please consider helping them.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Got Twitter?

Some pretty amazing things have been happening over the last few days. Patricia Heaton - star of The Middle is advocating for Reece's Rainbow. She is donating $1 for every follower up to 10,000 who follow Reece's Rainbow on Twitter. Check out this article. If you are on Twitter PLEASE follow Reece's Rainbow. If you aren't on Twitter PLEASE sign up and follow Reece's Rainbow. This really is an amazing thing. Now that Patricia Heaton has started advocating for Reece's Rainbow other celebs are as well. People such as Alyssa Milana, Gary Sinise, Mariel Hemingway, and Marlee Matlin to name a few. Our RR children need this exposure. They need your help. All you need to do is follow Reece's Rainbow on Twitter and you are helping children. In most cases the only thing that is keeping a family from adopting is the cost. Please help!