Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Random Pictures & Thoughts

It has been forever since I have posted so I thought I'd just post some pictures and random thoughts.

Nadia & Milana crack me up. I think Milana was holding Nadia's hands so she doesn't pull her hair. Hee hee! Karma sweet girl!

 Riley & Peyton looking as pretty as ever :)
 Oh look! It is the cutest little sister. The problem is she KNOWS she is cute!
 My girls being silly as always. Gotta love pretty girls with a sense of humor!
 Water gun fight! Gotta love summer!
 Little Miss Caniac!
 Special Olympics fun!
 No, Milana doesn't wear glasses. She decided to grab some doll glasses, grab a magazine, plop herself and her magazine down at the table, put her glasses on, and start reading. She is a nut!
 Mila was sad that Ukraine got knocked out of the Euro Cup. She enjoyed watching the games.
 Yummy! Banana Splits for dinner! Does it get any better?