Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Been Awhile

School is out and we are still busy, busy, busy. We made the 10 hour ride from NC to NY on Tuesday so we can spend time with my grandparents, parents, brother, and sister.

We decided to take a little break from visiting yesterday so that we could head to the park. When we got there Milana's face lit up! I guess she likes the park.

All three girls had a blast!

If I could only get all three girls to look at the camera at the same time....

Milana wanted to jump into the pond with the ducks. We had to hold her back :)

My girls heading into the maze.

Slides are so much fun!

Fortunately Milana didn't eat any sand while playing in the giant sandbox. Yay!!!

There was so much to do Milana didn't spend more than a few seconds anywhere she went. She couldn't decide if she wanted to continue to rock in the jeep or jump out while it was still moving.

My big girls having fun!


  1. What gorgeous girls!! Milana looks like she's getting so big!