Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Random Pictures & Thoughts

It has been forever since I have posted so I thought I'd just post some pictures and random thoughts.

Nadia & Milana crack me up. I think Milana was holding Nadia's hands so she doesn't pull her hair. Hee hee! Karma sweet girl!

 Riley & Peyton looking as pretty as ever :)
 Oh look! It is the cutest little sister. The problem is she KNOWS she is cute!
 My girls being silly as always. Gotta love pretty girls with a sense of humor!
 Water gun fight! Gotta love summer!
 Little Miss Caniac!
 Special Olympics fun!
 No, Milana doesn't wear glasses. She decided to grab some doll glasses, grab a magazine, plop herself and her magazine down at the table, put her glasses on, and start reading. She is a nut!
 Mila was sad that Ukraine got knocked out of the Euro Cup. She enjoyed watching the games.
 Yummy! Banana Splits for dinner! Does it get any better?


  1. Great pictures! Glad to see you posting! My goal is to post once a week. We'll see if i can keep up with that. ha ha ha. I forgot about the Banana Split Dinner Event! Maybe we'll do that next week!

  2. I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of the girls. Looking forward to seeing you all in D.C.

  3. Your girls are getting so big!! And yes, they are beautiful!