Tuesday, June 18, 2013


It seems we are once again in "The Waiting Place." It is not the most exciting or fun place to be, but it is where we are and we are trying to make the most of it. If that is even possible.

We have been done with our dossier minus our USCIS approval for quite sometime now. We sent in our application for USCIS at the end of April. We were hoping it would be a quick process. (When we brought Milana home it was two weeks from the time we sent in our application until the time of our approval).

Needless to say it has not been quick. Fine. I can live with that if I HAVE to. I don't like it, but what can I do. I'm (sort of) learning to be patient here. Well we got our fingerprint appointment and went on May 16th. A week went by and still nothing. I called - no Officer assigned to our case. Sigh. Keep being patient! I called again and found that a letter was being sent to request more information. UGH!!! More waiting.

Once the letter came I sent it to our Social Worker and our Adoption Agency to make sure we got what we needed this time around. Over two weeks later I got the necessary paperwork for USCIS from our Social Worker. Now we are just waiting on our oversight letter from our Adoption Agency and then we will FINALLY be able to send all the needed info to USCIS.

I hope and pray the oversight letter comes tomorrow AND we get approved (and that we get approved quickly). If you pray PLEASE pray that we get approved quickly once everything is sent in to USCIS. Once we have our approval we can send that last piece needed to complete our dossier to our children's country in Eastern Europe.

Waiting is hard for us. It is SO hard. I want to go to their country and meet them and hold them and just love on them. We are all eager for that invition to their country.

Look at these beautiful faces. Can you see why waiting is SO hard??

This is our little guy. He is listed as Danny. (Not his real name) Isn't he handsome?

This is our little girl.

She is listed as Riley. (This is not her real name).
Isn't she gorgeous???
 Even Milana is having a tough time waiting. She keeps asking when they will be home. She has BIG plans for them when they do. She is already trying to get her way in where everyone will sleep. She is so eager to be a big sister!

Thank you so much for your prayers, good thoughts, well wishes, donations, etc. We are so grateful!

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  1. The Fergusons will be praying. We can't wait to meet them either!!!