Friday, November 29, 2013

Counting My Blessings

I was sitting here drinking a cup of tea and enjoying the quiet - well quiet for my house. Chris is napping and Milana is loving life as she is playing upstairs with her sisters in their room. So here I sat sipping my tea and enjoying a piece of my friend Renee's delicious toffee. As I sipped my tea I got thinking about how blessed we have been in our adoption journey. 

I cried out for help a few weeks ago. Within minutes I had one friend start up a Damsel in Defense fundraiser for us. All I did was ask for fundraising ideas and she messaged me right away with this amazing fundraiser! A few minutes later another friend messaged me telling me that her adoption was almost fully funded and asked if I would like the items she was going to auction off. She mailed them to me the next day. Another friend started a chocolate fundraiser for us while she was still in her son's country picking him up. Not even done with her own adoption and here she was helping me with mine!

I've had a friend bid on the majority of my auction items when there were no other bids. I've had friends donate to our fundraisers, auctions, fsp, etc. I am just so grateful to all of those who have been helping us throughout this incredibly exhausting journey! I hope everyone knows how much I appreciate them for their roll in supporting us!

We still have such a long way to go. Right now we need about $11,000 to be fully funded. I know we will get there. I would like it to be sooner rather than later, but I know we will eventually get there.

Just last week as I was starting to stress a bit I had an unexpected surprise. A friend/co-worker started telling me how she wanted to help us raise money for our adoption. I was so caught off guard when she started to tell me all about her idea. Then of course I started to cry! (I'm pretty sure she thought I had lost my mind).

So today I am counting my blessings. Each and every person who has donated, prayed, listened, sent kind thoughts our way, or shared our story YOU have been a blessing to us!. Thank you for being such a blessing to us on this journey. It can be tiresome. In the end it is so very worth it! It helps to have you all along for the ride with us. Thank you all so much!

***The quiet did NOT last. As I typed I had children either talking to me or jumping on me. One was trying to climb through the tv. If I was rambling - and I usually am - I blame it on the kids and the dog too. He has now joyed the mayhem :)

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  1. You're one of my blessings! Can't wait to meet the 2 newest Wojcik's!