Saturday, August 16, 2014

Metcha Day - 4 Years

4 years ago Chris and I walked into a Ukrainian Orphanage. We met with the Director and learned all about the little girl we had been working so hard to bring home. After much anticipation they brought Milana in to meet us. She smiled and ran right into our arms. We were hooked. (Little did we know she would spend the next weeks running into everyone's arms). They took us to a room where we got to spend 10 whole minutes with this little girl before coming in and asking "Do you want her?"

It's hard to believe we met our little girl just 4 years ago. In some ways it seems like she has been with us forever. In other ways it breaks our hearts because we know she hasn't. We know that her first years weren't the best and we spend a lot of time thinking about what her life would have been like had we only gotten her sooner.

We would love more than anything to be able to take away all the pain of those first years. We would love to take away all the trauma and all the hurt. Unfortunately we can't. All we can do is give her all the love we can. Some days its enough. Some days its hard. Every day its worth it. No matter how hard things get its always worth it. Look at that smile :)

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