Saturday, October 2, 2010

BFF's :)

I am so excited that Milana already has a bff. I can't wait til they have sleepovers and play dress up and all of that fun girlie stuff :)

For now they are just getting to know each other, playing, just chillin'
Aren't they so cute?? Wait til they start wearing their matching outfits. Talk about fun girlie stuff!
Can't you just tell how much they adore each other already. I mean really. A little pinch on the cheek...
A huge hug to tell you how much I love you my friend. Hope you don't mind if I jump on top of you while I'm at it :)
Aren't they just precious? I can only imagine all the trouble these two will get into together. Fun times ahead for all :)


  1. So precious!!!! I JUST LOVE IT!!!!!!

  2. Yeah, notice the one doing all the pinching and the tackling. That 'bruiser' Nadia! Guess being around brothers (even for just 3 months) makes a difference huh?

    So glad the girls are FINALLY able to get together and that we're not just talking about it anymore.

  3. Oh my....too darn cute! If that Nadia is anything like her mom....just saying!! :-)