Sunday, October 24, 2010

Girl's Best Friend

It is so funny to see Milana interact with our 3 dogs. We were worried when we first brought her home that Bailey would bark at her and scare her(because of the barking). Fortunately Bailey didn't bark at her at all. None of our 3 dogs barked at Milana. They eagerly sniffed and licked her as soon as we brought her home.

What we didn't expect was Milana's reaction to the dogs. The minute she laid eyes on them she screamed like crazy. If they looked at her or came near her she would scream! We realized within just a few hours of having her home that she wasn't really afraid of them, but she continued to scream for the next 24 hours or so whenever they came near her.

Now she can't get enough of them. She loves to pet them and kiss them. When they lick her face she laughs so hard. On a few occasions we have seen her stick out her tongue to lick them too :)

As you can see Milana and the dogs have become best buddies. Most days those poor dogs can't escape her. Even if they are trying to sleep she will go over to them and start yelling at them to get them to wake up. She sticks her face right under theirs so that they will pay attention to her (and lick her). If it doesn't work with one dog she moves on to the next.

Milana really likes to boss the dogs around. She will yell and point at the pillow for them to go lay down. Then she follows them over, plops herself down and sticks her face in theirs or starts petting them. You gotta love the friendship between a girl and her dogs :)


  1. how sweet! we just bought a fake dog for Marissa to love. She prefers the dog we dog sit much better, but real dogs aren't in our future. Lucky for Milana, you already had those pooches in the house. :-)

  2. Aww love it! She is too cute!

  3. Everytime I see that sweet girl of yours I think she must be so much fun to be around. She just looks like she is so full of mischief and sweetness all mixed up together!

  4. Oh my goodness!!!!! I finally had a chance to skim your blog really quick while the internet was good, and I LOVE all of the posts, but especially THIS ONE!!!! I called Tom over (he was trying to work our Ukrainian washing machine!;), and we both laughed and our hearts were filled with joy when we read this!! :) I really hope our four dogs are sweet and gentle with the kids, and I hope Victor is sweet and gentle back! I think they'll love baby Sosie and give her nice kisses, but Victor gets really loud/screamy sometimes!!

    So glad you all are settling in! We met Laurie Ramirez, and we all agreed to get together sometime when we get back since you know both of us!! I have Saturdays off now, so we'll have to drive up and do something fun! :)