Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oh What Fun...

Milana has been enjoying Christmas and her time off from school with her family a great deal. She enjoys looking at the pictures of all of the "babies" on Reece's Rainbow. She gets so excited to see them. It is so hard to believe that she was one of those faces on there not too long ago. Now she has a home with a Mama and a Papa and 3 sisters! And let's not forget her 3 dogs who she loves and adores as well. This girl is surely loving life :)
Her sisters all enjoy having her home with us as well. Riley & Peyton love giving her baths and helping get her dressed. I think they like playing with her toys as much as she does! We got a lot of snow for....well for North Carolina on Christmas Night. Milana and all three of her sisters enjoyed sledding down the hill in the front yard.

Weeeeeeee!!!! This is lots of fun!!! Can we do it again?? Please!!!

I'd say this little girl who was once one of those left behind is enjoying NOT being left behind any longer. In fact she makes sure she is never left out. She loves life! This amazing little girl has grown so much in the short time she has been home. And we are all loving that she is now a part of our family.


  1. Well, I miraculously didn't get teary-eyed about this post. :) But it was close call! My boys would be extrememly jealous of the snow and sledding. They kept asking for a sled for Christmas, but we live in the middle of a hayfield! Oh, I LOVE the pic of Milana wearing the run DMC shirt in the previous post!

  2. I love the pictures!!! So much fun!! Where did the week go? I realized today that I wanted to get together with you this past Monday or Tuesday. Ummmm.... Yeah, I guess I zoned out on that one! But, you're sick anyway, and that's no fun to drive when you're not feeling well. :( Are you feeling any better?

    Can you believe our kiddos were in an orphanage just a little while ago, and now look at them!!! So stinking cute! :)

    Happy New year!
    love ya,

  3. What a fun post!!! Love the photos! Happy New Year, my friend!