Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Fun

We had a lovely day yesterday with the exception of Riley getting sick and Milana...well I'm not even going to go there. It isn't a story for anyone with a weak stomach. Regardless we had a great day yesterday. It was not only New Year's Eve, but for us it was game day. Any guesses what team we were rooting for? Peyton had come across a stuffed bear while decorating the house for the game and took off his hat and glasses so of course everyone had to try them on. Here is Riley styling in her fancy hat and glasses.
Now for Peyton's turn. They really thought it was such fun and it put a smile on Riley's face which was nice since she wasn't feeling super great.
Milana really enjoyed her little dress up session. She especially enjoys game day as we tend to have tons of snacks and if you know Milana you know how much she loves to eat :)
In case you are wondering Notre Dame did beat Miami - YAY!!! Hopefully this year will be a good one for the Irish and most importantly a good year for all of us and all of you! Happy New Year!!! Hope it is a healthy and happy one for all.
Oh and this is for you Kristin - I hope Penn State beats Florida! Happy New Year my friend!!!


  1. Cute little Irishwomen! Thanks for the well wishes but unfortunately the nostalgia of Urban Meyer's last game gave his team the umpfh they needed to beat us. :( That and the 5 interceptions we threw kind of kept us out of the Win column!

  2. Looks like it was a day to celebrate! Happy New year!!