Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Milana vs The Pool

I really love this time of year. School is almost out, the weather is great, and the pool is open. We were lucky to have a really nice weekend. The girls and I headed out to the pool on Saturday. It was Milana's first time in a pool.

We eased her into the pool by having her sit on the very top step. She was loving life. I literally blinked and the next thing I know she is face down in the pool and sinking fast! Fortunately I have very quick, cat like reflexes and was able to grab her by the back of her suit and pull her out of the water quickly. She cried for a few seconds and soon forgot all about it.

From that moment on she had a BLAST!!! She was standing on the edge of the pool and jumping in - well ok she doesn't exactly know how to jump, but she'd stand there, we'd count to three and then she'd "jump" into the water. Oh she had so much fun! Too much actually.

We did run into a slight problem. Milana doesn't have any idea what swimming is, what a pool is, or have any fear what so ever. This child kept trying to wriggle out of my arms in an attempt to "swim" on her own. She wanted to be with the big girls. She loves her big sisters so much and wanted to chase after them everywhere they went. Fortunately, they really love her too and they kept coming back to hang out with her and make sure she was doing alright.

We were able to get to the pool again on Sunday. This time Daddy came along. Daddy was trying to catch some rays which was a total distraction to Milana. She wouldn't stay with me in the water. This little stinker kept wandering off to her Dad and tapping him. He kept asking me if I wanted anything. Yeah, for Milana to stay IN the water. Did she think I was in that chilly water for my health?

Milana just walked back and fourth the entire time. Finally I got tired of hanging out in the water on my own and got out and she just sat there staring at her Daddy. (Who did not catch on by the way that she wanted him IN the water with her).

I have to say Milana was quite brave. I dunked her under a couple times and when she came out of the water her face looked like....well the picture above. She loved it!

I am guessing Milana is going to have the time of her life this summer. (I know I am). We've got so many fun things planned - the beach, more trips to the pool, camping, get togethers with friends, etc.

Does life get any better than this?


  1. Hurray! When I first saw the title I thought Milana wasn't going to be a pool gal but it looks like she and Nadia can be 'fish girls' together!!!

    Great photos!

  2. YAY Milana!!!!!!!!!! So precious!