Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Birthday To A Sweet Boy & Change in Giveaway

Sometimes blogger drives me nuts. My pictures never seem to come up in the order I upload them. They may load backwards or in some random order. Anyway...I wanted to do the Happy Birthday stuff first, but blogger has other plans. So I will start with the giveaway changes.

Okay...the rules are all the same for the giveaway and it is still for an Ipad2 + wifi. The only thing we changed is the end date. The new end date is August 4th. The reason for the change is that the child's file that we are hoping to adopt will be going back to his country in a month. We would like to have the initial funds we need prior to that so that we can make an official commitment to him. If we are able to do this before the file goes back it will be easier to be sure that he is still available. Once the file goes back this becomes more difficult to do.

So with that said...please continue to keep donating to our giveaway. Remember it is NOT tax deductible.

$10 - 1 entry
$20 - 4 entries
$50 - 10 entries
$100 - $25 entries

You can also be entered to win by posting on twitter, facebook, your blog, etc. Please just let me know by leaving a comment telling me where you posted it.

I also want to thank those of you who have donated so far. Your support means so much! Also a big thank you to those who continue to post about the giveaway on your blogs and facebook. Your support means a great deal to us as well. Thank you so much!!!

Now to the Happy Birthday...today is Landon's Birthday. Happy 5th Birthday Landon!!! This sweet boy should be celebrating today with cake and icecream and a family! My hope for you sweet Landon is that by next year you will be celebrating with your family!!!

I hope that someone wished you a Happy Birthday today sweet boy!!!

I wish I could come give you a great big hug!!! Happy Birthday!


  1. Oh those cheeks and those lips!! Happy Birthday, beautiful boy! I will keep sharing and praying, y'all can do this!!

  2. Sweet boy! Happy birthday, Landon!

  3. Happy Birthday Landon! Saying prayers to help bring a sweet boy home!

  4. Happy Birthday Landon!!!! He is so HANDSOME!!!!

  5. Donated $10 and praying home!Landon

  6. Can you email me - I don't see a contact on your blog, but maybe I'm just missing it! :-)
    brianandracheldavis at gmail.com

  7. Donated $50 (from email jadenyu at yahoo dot com).

    I'm also posting about the giveaway to Facebook. My ID is Jessica Fields Rudder.

  8. Hi! I am a long time follower of your blog! I posted about yoyr fundraiser on Facebook and will post on my blog tomorrow!
    Lydia Heenan-Mathias

  9. Donated $100. Bring that beautiful boy home soon!

  10. hey Jenn, donated for 10 entries and hope Landon gets to come home soon! Lord bless ya in your journey!