Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our Busy Summer Part 1

This summer has been very busy for us. As soon as school was out we headed to my parents house in NY where we got to spend lots of time with family. After leaving my parents house we headed to the Reece's Rainbow Family Reunion - a camping trip at Jellystone near Cooperstown, NY. We had a wonderful time meeting other adoptive families. We also got to visit the folks at Pathfinder Village.

I love this - Milana & Milana!

Molly, Nicholas (what a sweetie), me & Milana

Not sure what happened to this picture of Milana and Nicholas.

Milana and Julia

Bella and Milana

Milana made lots of friends at Pathfinder. She was a big hit. Everyone wanted to hold her and give her a big hug :)

Here are the girls in our cabin at Jellystone.

I love this picture of Milana trying to kiss Bella!

My beautiful big girls!

Reece was such a love bug with Milana. He was constantly trying to hug her. Too cute!

The girls all made lots of friends and of course so did I. When it was time for our trip to end it was bittersweet. It was nice to be finally going home after 3 weeks away, but we all knew we'd miss our new friends and the fun times we had together.


  1. I bought Nick a tee shirt while I was in Cali. It has a muscle man on it. and I got one for Lee too! I may be going back to Pathfinder this summer. I can't wait!!! and I can't wait to see you guys again!

  2. I'm the visitor from Egg Harbor!!! Looks like you got to meet lots of RR cuties at the reunion. I can't answer e-mail from this beach house internet but I can read them. We're having a good time but haven't been in the ocean yet. Just the wonderful boardwalk!!!

    Talk to you soon!