Thursday, January 5, 2012

2 More

As I was sitting here these 2 boys popped into my head. These guys also tug at my heart. If truth be told ALL orphans tug at my heart. It hurts so much to think of where some of these children are living around the world. For them to have no Mommy & Daddy to go to when they are scared. To have no Mommy & Daddy to go to for love and reassurance. It just hurts me so much because...well it just sucks!

I know that no one ever said life was fair and it isn't, but WHY are there so many orphans in the world? Why are so many so unwilling to bring an orphan into their home?

It isn't easy, but it is SO worth it. Adopting Milana has changed me so much in so many ways. I don't care anymore about trips to Disney World - don't get me wrong I'd love to go, but I'd rather bring an orphan or two into my home and give them the love they so deserve. I guess I am just not right. I don't know. I never really have been so no big deal.

Did I mention there are SO MANY orphans around the world - like 147 million give or take. It just breaks my heart. I wish more people would step up and bring them home.

The two orphans I was talking about before I got all ADD there are Alexander & Kory.

Meet Alexander :)

Meet Kory

These two adorable guys can be adopted together!!!! Just look at their beautiful faces!!! I just know they would love to be apart of a family.


  1. Hey Jenn,

    I agree wholeheartedly with your last two posts. I wish so badly that we could bring another child home too. I'm praying for all of the children, but I have a special place for "Kate" on RR in my heart. I hope she gets a family soon, wish it could be us. Love to all of your family....

  2. What handsome boys!! I pray their forever families find them soon!