Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Still Waiting

Unfortunately, I did not get my Christmas Wish this year. What I wanted more than anything was these 2 little boys. Oh how Spencer and Brent just weigh on my heart. I would love so much for them to be my little boys. I know they would be so loved and adored in our home.

You see like Milana - these guys would have 3 amazing big sisters to love on them like crazy!

I am so sad that these guys are still waiting. I really thought their Mommy and Daddy would have found them by now. It is so sad that these precious boys are sitting in mental institutions. Where or where is their Mama? Where is their Papa?

I would be so happy if these precious boys would find a home soon! How long should they have to wait to find their Mommy & Daddy? They have already been with out them for far too long.

Please share their sweet faces on your blogs, facebook pages, and on twitter. Let's get their faces out there and help them find homes! All children should get to be apart of a loving family.

If you feel you would like to donate to their adoption grant funds please go to:

There are so many other children that need families to. Please visit
Thank you so much for your help!

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