Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 27, 2010

On this day 3 years ago Chris and I sat in a court room in Ukraine in hopes of officially becoming Milana's parents. The judge talked a lot and asked a lot of questions. He went over our entire dossier while we sat and listened to him speak in a language quite foreign to us. Our facillitator translated and told us when and how to answer when he asked questions of us.
Before rendering his decision the judge went back to his office. Eventually we were called back and given the good news that he would allow us to be Milana's parents.
And so began the ten day waiting period....

Just thought I'd stick a fairly recent picture of Milana on here.
I really love this picture of her. It shows off her wild and crazy side. Wait..is there another side??


  1. We LOVE wild & crazy Mila!!! So glad you found her and that we found you guys in the process!!!

  2. Thanks Kristin! We are so glad to have found you guys too :)