Sunday, September 8, 2013

3 Year Gotcha Day Anniversary

On September 8, 2010 I picked Milana up from her Orphanage and took her out of that place forever. Unfortunately, our Gotcha Day was a rushed event. When we got to the Orphanage it was nap time. The caretakers had to wake her up and I was told to hurry up and get her ready so that we could go :(
I would have liked to have taken pictures of her with some of the caretakers. I would have like to get one of those nice pictures everyone seems to have where the parents are carrying their little one out of the orphanage forever. I don't have any of those. I am grateful that I have some pictures from that day. This one was taken at the apartment we were staying in when we got back from running around like crazy people. 

Mila was SO tiny. None of the clothes I brought with me fit her. I bought these clothes in country. As you can see - even those were too big. Three years later those shoes are still a little small.
 This is what Miss Mila looks like today - September 8, 2013. Look at how much she has grown! She is still tiny compared to other children her age, but she has grown SO much! Happy Gotcha Day baby girl :)

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  1. She has blessed our family in more ways that I ever thought I could imagine. I fell in love the minute I layed eyes on her and she melts my heart.