Saturday, October 26, 2013

An update...sort of

It seems like a lifetime has gone by since I met our newest little ones. I can't believe I got to hold them and love on them and then had to leave them and come home. It seems a bit cruel to everyone involved. 
I did enjoy  my time with them more than you could imagine, but boy was leaving incredibly difficult! 
The time I had with them wasn't nearly enough. It is hard to get to know someone is such a short time so I can't really say what they will or won't be like when they come home. 
What I do know is that we are all anxiously waiting. 
We are waiting for our I800 approval. It has already been three weeks since we sent it. Hopefully it will be approved quickly. Right now it just feels like everything is moving in slow motion.
While we wait we are working on some fundraisers. We currently have an auction going on. 
Any fundraising ideas you have would be greatly appreciated! We still have quite a bit of money we need to raise in order to bring our littles home. 
If you are the praying type please say a prayer for our adoption - that things start moving quickly and that we raise all the funds we need quickly.
Thank you so much!


  1. Is there a link to the auction? Thanks

  2. Auction ends this Thursday.

  3. I am praying!!! I'll try to think of more fundraising ideas too. Gotta get those littles home so Milana has someone else to boss around....I mean love on! ha ha ha