Sunday, October 6, 2013

Trip 1 - The Trip There

I can't believe I met my little ones and have been back for a week already! This journey has been so different than our journey to Milana. I didn't bring my laptop with me so I didn't blog once while in Eastern Europe. Although truth be told, I really didn't have a ton of time.

I left Raleigh on Saturday September 21, 2013. I got to RDU a bit earlier than necessary so that Chris could get the girls to their soccer game. I had a lovely time just relaxing and watching Downton Abby. The flight from Raleigh to London was a bit bumpy here and there. It wasn't too bad otherwise. The airline fed us dinner and breakfast so that was nice.

When we got to Heathrow we had to hover around in the clouds for awhile until they told us we could land. I only had about an hour and a half to make my flight to B so I was getting a bit nervous. When we landed I booked it to where I needed to go. Everywhere I went I had to wait in a line. I told anyone who would listen (who worked there) I needed to catch my flight. No one seemed concerned (other than me). I was assured by person after person that I WOULD make my flight. Sadly, they were wrong.

I finally got where I needed to be only to find out they gave my seat away. Yes, you did read that right. They gave MY seat away. To say I was unhappy was an understatement. I still had about 27 minutes until my flight left. It had only been boarding for about 15 minutes, but they gave it away. So I went to yet another line to stand in to book another flight. After waiting about twenty minutes I finally was able to talk to someone although there were no more direct flights. Fabulous. I was now going to fly from London to Zurich to B.

I was scrambling like crazy to try to email everyone and anyone I could so that the person picking me up from the airport could be notified and not stuck there waiting. The wifi in Heathrow was pitiful! I was able to send an email, but that was it. After that no more wifi :(

As soon as I got on the airplane the pilot came on and told us there was a ton of fog in Zurich and that we were going to sit on the plane for about an hour. Seriously?? I almost started crying as I only had about an hour layover in Zurich before my flight left for B. All I kept thinking was "What are the chances of missing TWO flights in ONE day?"

Fortunately we took off about 30 minutes later. When we got to Zurich I ran as fast as I could to the next terminal. When I got there I was so afraid I had missed my flight. You can imagine my relief when I found out I didn't miss it. It was actually going to be leaving a little late. Phew!!!

I made it to B a little over 3 hours late. BUT...I made it! I was so relieved when I got off the plane and not only was my luggage there, but my ride to the hotel was there as well!

It certainly wasn't a dull trip to B. It did leave me wishing I had had some company along the way :)

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