Saturday, February 27, 2010

What a Fun Day!!

Today we had the Winter Carnival at school. The girls had a blast! We were there from about 9:45 this morning until about 2:00-2:15 this afternoon. The girls each won two prizes at the bottle shop. Riley won a water bottle and also a jar of pennies. She walked out with her pennies and told me that she picked that so we could add it to the money we are saving to bring home one of the children on Reece's Rainbow! Peyton won some scented hand soap and scented hand wipes. Both in really cute, kid friendly containers. She walked out to me with both of those and told me she chose those for the little kid we are going to bring home. She thought perhaps her new brother or sister might like them. I am really very lucky to have such great kids! They are all - Karissa too - so very kind, caring, loving, and generous. Karissa will make a great big sister (again) and Peyton and Riley will make great big sisters as well.

Speaking of making great big sisters. I was trying to get them to help me decide if we should adopt a little boy or a little girl. That didn't work out so well especially since they have as many favorite children as I do. Riley decided she wanted a little brother and a little sister. Peyton thinks she probably wants a little sister. I am guessing Karissa wants a little brother since she has been asking for one for quite some time! I'm with Riley about bringing home a boy and a girl (or just bringing home two in general). I am not sure that is what we are meant to do. So I will just stick with working on bringing one of those precious children home. I just hope I know which child is meant for us and soon. (Some of us are getting a little impatient).

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  1. LOVE the new look of your blog. You've been busy today haven't you? I can't wait to see who your family chooses as well. It is VERY difficult but in the end you'll know for sure which child (or children!) you're supposed to make a part of your family!!!