Thursday, March 18, 2010

Things Are Starting To Move Along...

This has been an exciting week so far! It started with finishing our Home Study Monday night. We are now waiting for it to be written up. Hooray!! That is one big thing out of the way!

Yesterday things got even better when I sent some important paperwork to Milana's country! That was so exciting! I went to UPS last night and they told me it would get there on Friday!! It is so exciting to be able to bump these things off little by little. Of course there is still so much to do!

We also got news yesterday that Texas Roadhouse in Wake Forest is going to give us a night to fundraise. We are going to have "our night" on Thursday, April 8th and we will get 10% of everyone's purchase that brings in our flyer. I am so excited that they are giving us the opportunity to fund raise through their restaurant!!

I also got news from a friend who told her church about our adoption and they are willing to help. They will be contacting me soon which is also very exciting!

I am just so amazed at the help and support that people have been providing our family with. This is just so exciting and we feel really blessed that we have gotten amazing support from people!

Speaking of support and amazing things. I almost forgot to mention that my exciting week actually started at the end of last week. Friday night I had the opportunity to get together with four other NC Reece's Rainbow Moms. Three have already adopted and one is in the process of adopting (like me). It was so great to get to meet all these women and hear their stories! I also appreciated the heads up on the bathrooms. I'm really considering depends :)


  1. What a lot of "items" to check off your list for one week! Good for you! I put the fundraiser on my calendar so we're ready to go. Oh, and "Amen!" on the Depends! Yikes!


  2. I knew things would start looking up. It is definately a roller coaster ride. Don't give up!! It feels so good to start checking things off one by one.

  3. It sounds like things are moving right along. Hooray!

  4. LOL!!! I remember the "depends" discussions!!!

    You are getting some $ in your RR fund too, I noticed!!! God will provide- no worries!!!!