Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I have to admit that for the most part I don't like surprises. I'm serious. They totally stress me out. If anyone is ever thinking of throwing me a surprise party - I'm begging you not to. I can't stand being the center of attention. It just isn't my thing. I am more of a hide in the back of the room or blend into the wall kind of girl.

As much as I dislike surprises I got a couple REALLY good ones today. Last week I had to re-fax two forms to two different places because they were filled out incorrectly. I also had to drop off Chris's and my medical forms back to the doctor's office for the third time because they were also filled out wrong. I feel bad  doing this, but when you need the paperwork for an adoption - especially for another country you need to do things the way they want it done. So off the papers went to be redone. 

As I was walking to my classroom this morning one of the ladies I work with told me that the courier just dropped something off for me and asked if I was expecting anything. I couldn't think of anything I might be expecting and just figured it was something related to summer school. I figured I might as well check my box and see what it is. 

I opened the envelope and noticed a smaller envelope inside of it. That was when it hit me. It was my employment verification form. I faxed it right away to Lydia for approval and it was good this time. (Last time the notary was touching a line and believe it or not the country we are adopting from would not be happy with that).

Once I got that form I thought I had better put in some phone calls to check on the other two forms I resent last week. Unfortunately the mortgage verification form I needed wasn't even logged into their system. So of course I faxed it again. (I have faxed this to them at least four or five times. It took two times before they even got moving on it). I'll call back again tomorrow to see how it is coming along. Not sure I should get my hopes too high though.

I also called the doctor to see if they had redone the forms. The nurse wasn't sure so she said she'd have to call me back. Initially she thought I had picked them up which I had, but they weren't correct. She didn't realize I dropped them back off to be redone. That wasn't a good sign. 

 The last couple times I dropped them off it took well over a week and a half to get it back. I was pleasantly surprised when I left work and had a message that it was completed and ready to be picked up.  I checked it out and it looks good to me, but I still have to send it all to my state side coordinator to get the okay. (Please pray it is correct this time)!! 

Now we just need that mortgage verification form AND our home study. Once we get our home study we can send it off to join our I600A (which we mailed last week). We are actually hoping to hear from them soon so we know they received our paperwork. Then they will give us our appointment to get our federal fingerprints. After the fingerprints are completed they make sure we are not criminals and send us something saying we are good to go. 

Then we can send our paperwork. Hooray!!! Of course all our notarized papers need to be appostilled first. Shortly after it gets to Eastern Europe they give us an SDA appt. (Can't wait to go meet my baby and bring her home to us)!!!

We are still a long way from raising all the money we need in order to bring Milana home so please pray for us! I've been given a bunch of amazing ideas for fundraisers, but we'll save that til next time.


  1. Hmmm...guess I should cancel the surprise I had planned to whisk you away to the tattoo parlor. bummer!

    Glad you're plugging away at the forms with only a few to go! You're getting there! Milana will be home before the end of the Summer! Woot! Woot!

  2. Moving right along. It's kind of like dancing. Two steps forward, one step back.... or something like that. Can't wait to see what's around the corner!!

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