Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Feeling Blessed

I have to admit that by the end of last week I was really feeling stressed. I had just realized that our marriage certificates needed to be appostilled in NY because that is where we were married. I also realized that if and when I get my proof of home mortgage I'll have to send that out of state as well to be appostilled. Needless to say I was feeling pretty bummed.

To make matters worse I found out yesterday morning that my home study wasn't going to be ready by the end of the day like we had thought. So I was even more disappointed. That is when I got an email from my husband and I realized that we were so blessed to have such amazing people in our lives.

Chris's work had taken up a collection for us to go towards our adoption of Milana. His bosses said they would match whatever was donated. So we found out yesterday that we got a really great donation which will be heading to Reece's Rainbow to go into Milana's account. I just can't say enough how excited I am about this. Not to mention how much I appreciate everyone at Kennedy Office for helping us in our fundraising efforts to bring Milana home!

I can't stress enough how blessed we are to have the friends we have who are always thinking of ways to raise money for us - Lydia, Kristin, Martha, Alene, Alice, Jess, Jess's Mom, just to name a few. It means so much to us that we have your support and your ideas. I'm sure you have all figured out I am not creative by any means and need all the help that I can get :)

Thank you all for all you do for us!


  1. It's a pleasure to come alongside you and your family as you journey to bring Milana home! She needs to be in your family and your "village" is going to make sure that happens sooner than later!