Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Pics - Better Late Than Never

Hanging out in the yard on Easter after one of the MANY Easter Egg hunts we had.

Milana really got into the Easter Egg Hunt.

Thanks for the egg :)

This is fun!

Milana thinks her sisters are very silly!

Milana and her Daddy :)

Daddy and his girls.

Me and my girls.

Look at these pretty girls.

Milana got a baby doll from the Easter Bunny.

We really had a nice Easter this year. Milana LOVED that she got a piece of candy first thing in the morning before breakfast. She was quite surprised by that little treat. Of course Riley and Peyton thought that was great too!

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  1. We'll have to do a combined egg hunt next year. Nadia didn't get to experience that this year with all the goings on in PA. :( However, she had some Easter candy so that made up for it. I love how Karissa is trying to be taller than all of you! She's a nut! (Just like her momma!)