Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fun with Friends

It seems like it has been forever since I got on here and posted about anything. Life has been good, but busy. We had our Spring Break last week which was nice in many ways. One of which was we got to spend some time with good friends. We headed over to Lydia's house one day where all the kids got to play and the grown ups got to chat. I'm not sure who had more fun.

Mira & Milana FINALLY got to meet! I think they enjoyed each other.

We had a nice picnic lunch outside. The kids enjoyed the picnic until the bumble bees showed up. For some (and I won't name names, but will just say some of each of our kiddos) this was quite upsetting. The bees really ruined their outside fun ;)

As for Mira and Milana they didn't seem to mind or notice the bees. They were quite focussed on their lunch. Unfortunately we couldn't stay out too long. Milana's skin is so fair that she burns rather quickly.

Not sure what Milana is looking at here, but she looks like she was caught doing something. Perhaps it was right after she made that huge mess with all the toys!

Look at pretty Miss Mira and that BEAUTIFUL smile! I can never seem to catch Milana smiling like this. What a cutie pie you are Mira!

Hmmm...what is that look all about Mira? Could it be that Milana made yet another mess of your toys? What a messy house guest that Milana is :)

Gee - what is with all the pictures already. Can we get back to playing now or what?

Look at all the big kids. Aren't they cute too? Seriously...look at all those blondes. They could be related they are all so darn blonde (and cute).

These guys are all such great buddies. We are lucky to have such a great group of friends. The big kids all played so nicely together. What a treat for the Moms!

A hug goodbye before it is time to go. Even the little kids have become fast friends.

Can't wait til next time.

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  1. Looks like a fun time. Where is the photo of the moms 'playing'??? Glad you enjoyed your Easter break and got to see friends and relax a little bit.