Friday, April 29, 2011

Exercise Anyone?

In my attempt to get fit I have gained a fabulous workout buddy. Ok...maybe fabulous is not quite the right word. How about cute? Yes, I have gained a seriously cute workout partner.

Milana LOVES to join in my workouts - which by the way is not always the most convenient or helpful, but she really enjoys it.

Just look at her go!

She is such a riot!

This is fun and easy Mom! What are you always complaining about???

You just have to chilax and do your best and forget the rest just like that guy on the video says!

Look I can touch my toes.

Could this be any more fun?

As you an see Milana really loves a good workout. For me it gets a little trickier when this small fry is glued to my leg or hops on my back in the middle of a workout, but...there is never a dull moment at my house!


  1. My kids used to climb on me too! It made yoga a contact sport. :)

  2. Mine would try to climb on the treadmill with me when they were little--not good. So, now I go out of the house while they're all still asleep to work out--makes it much easier. But then I don't have these cute photos like you do! Her hair is really getting loooong!