Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Field Trip, Crazy Hair, Mother's Day, etc...

I was somehow able to get two of my three dogs to sit still so I thought I'd stick their pic in here. Milana loves her doggies so much. Which of course is nice considering the first few days she couldn't even look at them without screaming!

Here is Milana on Mother's Day. My four girls did a little baking and made some funfetti cookies. YUM!!! What a nice treat.

Isn't my smallest chef adorable?

Peyton is always laughing - well most of the time anyway. She spends most of her time at the dinner table laughing. And I'm not talking laughing just a little bit. I am talking about cracking up laughing hysterically! Not sure how to get her to laugh less at dinner and more....anywhere else. We're working on it :)

Love the hat Riley. She was so excited to make cookies. She'll be even more excited when her, Petyon, and Karissa FINALLY make the rootbeer they have been dying to make since Karissa came home last week.

This picture is....well I'd say priceless. When the girls were making cookies for some reason Karissa started to pour the butter out of the tub and it all landed in the sink. So we made sure we got a picture of this little...incident.

A friend of mine gave me a bunch of things for Milana and this little outfit was in it. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! She looks so darn cute!

She was smiling until I actually snapped the picture. I really need one of those fancy cameras that you can just snap away and it gets EVERYTHING!!!

We went to our school carnival at the end of April and the girls got their hair done. Doesn't it look awesome?? I just love their colored hair. So much fun.

These two are such hams! Actually all four of my girls are. I don't know where they get it from. Must be their Dad!

At the end of April Milana's class went on a little field trip to the Science Museum. Milana made sure she brought her sisters with her.

All three girls had a blast.

They all got to touch a snake and a baby alligator and loved it (of course).

The first time I had Milana stand by these tall blades of grass it took forever to get her to look at me and to stand still. Afterward EVERY time she saw them she ran to them and posed. She is such a nut!

Milana, watch out for that dinosaur! (I think she'd give that dino a run for it's money. Her teeth are WAY sharper)!

Life is good at our house. Busy all the time, but never a dull moment. Gotta love the joy children bring you :)


  1. beautiful girls Jennifer!!!!! Hope you had a blessed Mothers day!!!

  2. Great 'catch-up' post! Loved the one of Karissa the best! What a riot that Milana associated the tall blades of grass with a photo op. Don't let your lawn get too long this summer or she'll be out there posing too!

  3. Your girls are all so beautiful. You surely have your hands full of many blessings. :)