Sunday, May 1, 2011

There's A New Sheriff In Town...

I have to start by saying Milana cracks me up. It's probably one of those things where you had to be there, but I find her (at times) quite humerous.

One of our dogs barks at everything - us coming in the door, someone knocking on the door, the wind blowing, etc. We tried a bark collar, but the other dogs chewed it off of her or she clawed it off herself. Our next idea was this spray bottle. When Bailey barks we squirt her with the spray bottle.

Well... look who got her hands on the water bottle. That's right....bossy McGee here all of a sudden turns up with the water bottle. Not only does she turn up with it, but she decides to go into attack mode.

I'm not quite sure what poor Montana here did to deserve Milana's wrath, but there she is laying (sort of) on her pillow minding her own business when Sheriff here comes up and starts sticking the water bottle in her face.

Here she had chased Bailey (who is the barker) into her corner and onto her pillow with the water bottle. I should point out that Milana can not actually squirt the water out of the bottle because she isn't strong enough to do so. Watching her try is hysterical.

She is trying so desparately to squirt Bailey with the water. Not sure why as she is clearly on her pillow and at the moment not making a sound. I think Milana got a little power hungry here.

I guess she finally got tired of trying to spray the dogs and gave up. Afterwards when I finally took the water bottle away she walked around hugging the dogs. They quickly forgot she was trying to attack them with water and happily licked her.

All in a days work for Sheriff Milana.

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  1. What an exciting time for me! I checked your blog and got to see three new posts with pictures!!!! I stopped checking last week because I figured you've been busy like me and blogging is just too much trouble sometimes! :) So glad to see your beautiful, smiling, happy family!!!! Hope these last few weeks of school are good for you and the girls!!!