Sunday, July 22, 2012

Disney Part 1

We decided on a last minute trip to Disney. It began with about a 9 hour drive to Orlando. During said 9 hour drive a certain little one repeated this the entire way - "Mommy! Disney! Going Disney Mommy?" Occassionally she would throw in "Daddy - Disney - Daddy, going Disney!" It was a LONG ride!

Our first night there we had dinner at Boma. It was really good. I am not generally one to experiment with unknown foods, but I really enjoyed it. I was disappointed that I didn't get to try everything. (Well minus the meats).

Here we are waiting for our table at Boma. (Me, Milana, Riley)
 This picture is a bit on the blurry side, but here I am with Milana and Peyton.
 Peyton, Milana, Chris, & Riley on the Generation Gap Bridge right by our hotel. The girls LOVED this bridge as we saw tons of turtles swimming in the water. When we would look down they would swim right over to us looking for food.
 This is also at our hotel. It is the play area. I wish I took more pictures of our hotel - both inside and out. It was VERY cool.
 Here is Chris with his new girlfriend. We had breakfast at Chef Mickey's on Sunday morning. On Tuesday night we got in line to meet Mickey somewhere in the Magic Kingdom. When we got in to see Micky we were surprised that Minne was there too. As we were finishing up our pictures Minnie was trying to tell Chris and I something. We of course had no clue because I guess we just aren't that good at charades. Anyway...Minnie asks one of the Disney workers for paper and pen. On it she writes - I remember them from Chef Mickey's. At Chef Mickey's she had walked by Chris and elbowed him in the head. So I guess that is why she remembered us. We thought it was pretty neat!
 After coming out of Muppet Vision 3D we ran into these cool characters. Phineas was a riot - very silly!
We also figured out what we were going to do today!
 Peyton, Pluto, and Riley at Chef Mickey's.
 Mila, Daddy, Ducky Mo Mo, Riley, and Peyton
 More Chef Mickey's pics. Mila having a blast twirling her napkin in the air and singing. Ooh! Another neat bit of info. The last time we were at Chef Mickey's was about 4 years ago. The waiter we had this time was the same waiter we had 4 years ago. We remembered him as he is originally from a city close to where Chris and I are from.
More pictures and random bits of info to come. 

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