Sunday, May 2, 2010

So much going on

The end of this past week was such a hectic week. Thursday and Friday were just such stressful days for me. It started when I realized that 8 forms I had already had apostilled needed to be redone. Ugh!! It sort of went downhill from there.

After a good cry (or two or three) on Friday - like I said things kept getting worse - I started to pull myself back together. I figured it was better to have the forms redone and more importantly have them correct now than to find out once I send my dossier over to Eastern Europe that something is wrong. So I am praying that by now we've caught anything that might have slipped through the cracks and that once everything makes its way to Milana's country that it looks good!

On a happier note my home study is complete. Hooray!!! I didn't get it in time Friday to get it sent to USCIS, but I will be heading to the Post Office tomorrow morning to overnight that baby! We are hoping to get a fingerprinting date while Karissa is home from school. She is only home for a very short time before returning back to college so we are praying hard that this works out. If I have to get her not too big of a deal just lots of driving.

So all and all we are getting closer to having everything we need for our dossier. I feel like as soon as I say that I'll start taking steps backwards again, but we are still a whole lot closer than we were even a couple of weeks ago and for that I am so thrilled! We just can't wait to get to Milana!!

We have a lot going on this week other than mailing out our home study. We also have a couple more fundraisers coming up this week. First we have our fundraiser at Sweet Tomatoes on Tuesday May 4th. We are hoping for a big turnout. We get 20% from all sales for that night from those who present our flyer. Then on Saturday we are doing a car wash - assuming we get enough people to help out. 

As we get closer to being ready to submit our dossier we are so thrilled. As I mentioned we can't wait to get to Milana and have her here with us. It is getting a little scarier in that the money isn't coming in as quickly as we'd hoped. So please, please, please say a prayer for us that we are able to raise the money. If you know anyone out there who would like to donate send them our way. We could use all the help and support we can get. We tried playing the lottery last night, but that didn't work :)


  1. Can you send me the flyer again? I'm meeting a friend for dinner and thought we would hit Sweet Tomatoes....which one by the way? Can we go to Cary?

  2. Thanks for the phone message--we're going to make it through this together! Next year at this time when our girls have been home for almost a year, we probably won't even remember all of the crying, Starbucks' runs, and junk food consumption! :)

    Have a great beginning of the week!