Saturday, February 12, 2011

Helping A Friend

Isn't this little girl a cutie? This precious angel is listed as Heather on Reece's Rainbow. One day soon her Mommy and Daddy will name her Caroline. They are currently working on finishing up their dossier so that they can send it to Caroline's country as quickly as possible. I want to help them in some way and am hoping to come up with some clever fundraisers to help them do so. Currently my girls have set up some change jars so that whenever they find loose change (and they are always on the look out for loose change) they can save it to help bring Caroline home.

I have set up a donation box on my blog. It is linked to their Reece's Rainbow family support page. Any donations made to help bring Caroline home are tax deductible. If you feel you are able to make a donation to help them please do so. If you feel like sharing their story on your blog or facebook page please do that as well.

If you would like to follow their journey you can get to their blog by clicking this link Let's all work together to help them bring their little girl home! If we all work together we can get so many of these amazing children home!
Thank you :)

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