Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sweet Nikita

I'm really struggling with this. Yet another little RR angel has died. It is so unfair. It just breaks my heart that little Nikita is gone.

When I came across Reece's Rainbow a little over a year ago this face was one of the many I just fell in love with. Nikita just made my heart melt. I mean look at him. How could he not melt your heart? Now Nikita is gone. His Mommy and Daddy were working so hard to get him home. Yes, Nikita had a family. One who loved him very much. Now they are grieving for the son they will never get to hold. My heart goes out to them.

Nikita is now in heaven with all the other sweet RR angels that have lost their lives. He will not have to suffer anymore. I just wish his Mommy and Daddy had the chance to hold him - to hug him and kiss him and tell the they love him. I wish that these precious children ALL had homes...that they ALL had a Mama & a Papa to love them.

I wish I understood why these sweet angels lives were so short. We have lost too many angels in such a short time. We have lost too many period. We need to get these children home. We need to get them home now.

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  1. I was so sorry to hear this news this morning. Things like this fill us with questions that have no obvious answers. Ultimately, this sweet baby belonged to God and He has taken him home. We who believe in God and His Word know that this little lamb in actually MORE alive now than he has ever been!!!!