Friday, January 28, 2011

In Loving Memory...

This morning I found out some terrible, terrible news. This beautiful little girl - Sandra - has died. The thought of this little girl not ever having the love of a Mommy & Daddy or a sister or brother just hurts me more than I can even begin to explain. While in Eastern Europe we were very fortunate to see Sandra. How I wish I had the chance to go and give her a hug and tell her how much she was loved. I bet she didn't know that there were many people out there who had never met her, but loved her so much. I loved her! How I wish we could have brought her home with us. I'm so sorry sweet girl.

People have said to me that you just can't save them all. I'm sure you have heard this time and time again as well. I'm not sure I believe that. We certainly can't if we don't try. We can't save them if we just sit in our homes and ignore the fact that there are many children living all over the world that need love, need homes, and need medical care.

These children need you. They need me. They need all of us. What are you going to do to make sure this doesn't happen again? I know that once my eyes were opened to these children a year ago my life just hasn't been the same. My children's lives haven't been the same. The change is for the better.

This poem was written by my friend Summer's daughter. She wrote it after she found out about Sandra. It is a beautiful poem.

In the night sky a lost star was born
Unfortunately in an era when love was worn
She waited her turn to finally shine
But was only shown one bright line
HE gave her the choice to choose her light
And she accepted at last one fine night
The cold world lost another soul
And sweet Sandra had to pay the toll
HE told her she had one task to take on
To shine her brightest when the world turned dawn
The lost star was no more lost, but now found
In a paradise of love, with love's only sound

We will never forget you Sandra. You are a precious little angel who will be missed by many! Rest in peace sweet girl!

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  1. You are so right Jenn. We can ALL do something and not hide behind the excuse that there's "too much" to do.

    Thanks for sharing the poem--it is beautiful.