Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dreaming of Homes for Children

I woke up this morning remembering a dream I had about a certain little girl in Milana's orphanage. Once I thought of her I started thinking about some of the other children who need homes as well. Like little Gage. Here he is with the curly hair in the blue shirt. This little boy is so full of life and truly needs a Mommy & Daddy...they ALL do. He is such a ray of sunshine and if I could have taken him home with us I would have. He is so bright and gets around so well. He can wheel himself around in his wheel chair. He is able to go up the stairs to the slide without assistance. He really gets around well! If you are interested in Gage please visit the Reece's Rainbow website and look for him in Other Angels (Boys). Here is little Mason (who is also sitting next to Gage in the above picture). He is all boy. His smile is so amazing. Both Gage and Mason were so interested in our cameras. They saw us taking pictures and they wanted to see how our cameras worked. Both boys were so excited to see the pictures on the digital camera after we took them. Oh they are such beautiful boys who really need loving homes. Mason can also be found on the Other Angels page. I believe he is listed right below Mason. This boy (Mason) can run all over the place and will really keep you busy.
And now for the little girl in my dreams...this is Sandra. I only saw Sandra once at the orphanage and unfortunately I wasn't able to get a picture. When I saw her she was being pushed in a stroller by one of the caretakers. I never saw her out playing with the other kids in the groupa. Sandra is in desparate need of Physical Therapy. You can see how much she needs this therapy just by looking at her little legs. Please someone consider bringing Sandra home. She would make such a great little girl for someone.

In my dream she was just loving life - smiling and happy and had a Mommy and Daddy. Could it be you? Or someone you know?? Please visit the Reece's Rainbow website at to find more information regarding Sandra, Gage, or Mason. They are beautiful children in need of a loving home.


  1. We are looking at a little girl in orpahange #31. Could you please e-mail me privately?
    kjguille at gmail dot com. Don't want to mention names here. Thank you

  2. Keep on dreaming those dreams and advocating for these children! Someone will read this and really think about bringing one of them home...that's just how God works!!!

  3. Is there anything else you can tell me about Mason? It sounds like he is not very affected by his special needs, and everyone seems to love him... Is he medically needy?

    What was the process like for your family? How long did it take? What agency did you work with?

    My husband and I had been looking into adopting from Ethiopia. I very much would like to adopt a child who needs a home, but we are not sure yet what direction God is calling us in.