Saturday, September 11, 2010

Is It Naptime Yet??

I tried to get little Miss Milana to take her nap today and after listening to her cry for awhile assumed that was not going to happen. So instead we played. Later when she was having her snack she was literally putting cheerios in her mouth and nodding off. She would then snap awake and continue to eat the cheerios. The next thing I know she is face down on the blanket with her leg in the cheerios. It didn't last long. The moment I tried to move the bowl she popped back up and finished up the cheerios. Oh well. I tried! Here she is tasting the tiny mirror she enjoys looking at herself in. How she can actually see herself in it I do not know, but she likes it so we'll just go with it for now.
Aaaahhhh!!! You have to find humor in this. Milana and I were happily playing until she went over to the plug and tried to stick her finger in the socket. I told her no and she had a complete of many :) She would then stop crying and look at me and throw her arms around my neck and begin all over again. Let the good times roll....

This was actually a minute or so BEFORE the meltdown. She was laughing like crazy. And let me tell you this girl laughs like you would not believe. If you hear her laugh you have to join in. It is that contagious :)
Don't you just LOVE the hair??? This little bow came with the little pony I bought for her at the market. She will pull it out of her hair and then try to get it back in. This of course does not work and she gets upet. Please refer to the picture of her in tears to see what happens when she can NOT get the bow back in her hair. I have more if you need additional references :)

Tonight we went out for dinner with The Clarke's and The Dean's. She did great - especially since you wait FOREVER to order, to get your food, to get the bill, etc. It was so nice to have some adult conversation - and the extra hands to help out with Milana. It was also nice to be able to go to the bathroom by myself :)
It is almost time for Milana and I to be heading out of here. We are off to Kiev early Monday morning to finish up there and head home. I have really enjoyed my time with my new friends here and will miss our time together, but I am thrilled beyond belief to head home to my girls (and Chris too)! We are getting closer to the end of this journey!!!


  1. aww...poor baby was so tired but wanted to play with her mama! Sounds like it was a busy day for both of you though! Can't wait to meet your lil princess!

  2. Oh my goodness I had to laugh at the image of her having her meltdown and then hugging you and then doing it all again! She is a super cutie :)