Sunday, September 12, 2010

Leaving Lugansk

Tonight was our last night here in Lugansk. Milana and I had a lovely day. This afternoon we did some shopping and went to lunch with Cass. Then tonight we went out to dinner with Kim and Phil, Cass, and one of the french couples we met. Roger and Oishin were out with Henry :)

We had a great time at dinner. Milana was very well behaved. We didn't have to get her out of the stroller and walk her around once. (This was a bonus)!

I am so excited that we are winding down and starting our journey back home. In some ways it is bittersweet. I am beyond thrilled to be heading home to my girls and Chris and even the dogs. Just getting back to my normal life will be such a relief.

But I will miss the amazing friends we have met along the way. I can not stress enough how nice it has been to have so many amazing people on this journey with us. I will miss them all a great deal and hope we all stay in touch. We have even joked about meeting back here in a few years for a reunion.

Which that is funny in and of itself because anyone here who can speak English would stop us on the street and ask us WHY we are here?? I guess this isn't exactly a tourist destination.

I do have pics from tonight, but everything is all packed up. We have to head out at 5:30 am to catch our flight back to Kiev. We hav our appt tomorrow at the US Embassy! Hooray!!! We are getting closer and closer to home.

So for my friends I am leaving behind....good luck! I will miss you! I will be following your journeys - email me!!! Cass & Rog we'll see you in 2 years :)

Love you guys!!!


  1. Glad you're heading in the home stretch to NC!!! I like you even if you make disparaging remarks about one of the BEST college football programs in the nation!

    BTW, I rooted for ND (I'll root for anyone who plays Michigan) last night. total bummer for both of our teams eh?

  2. Om my...I am so happy for you guys!!! Miliana is such a sweetie!!!

  3. you should be hanging out in Kiev, relaxing, waiting to pick up the visa tomorrow!!!
    Then HOME!!!

    woo hoo!!hugs

  4. I am so, so happy for you guys!!!!
    By the way i also just found out about your donation to us, you are unbelievably kind =))))))))) THANK YOU !!!
    I hope one day soon we can get together!!!!
    Safe travels back home =)

  5. The above comment is from me (Laurie) not sure why it says Michael, sorry!