Thursday, September 2, 2010

Not Quite Herself Today

Milana was not quite herself today. She is usually VERY loud and VERY busy. Today she was much calmer and extremely snuggly. She looked like she was tired. I thought perhaps she wasn't feeling well, but she did pep up a little here and there. I don't know. Maybe she is just missing her Daddy and is ready to go home (like her Mommy). She did seem to have fun for a time playing with this ball. We would roll it back and fourth. When it didn't get to me she would get up and go get it instead of looking at it and shouting and then looking at me like "Would you get that ball already."
This girl loves her sok (juice). We had to get her this sippy cup because she wore more of the juice than she actually drank. Although when it was empty she was determined to find more in there. No sweetie. It really is empty.

It is so difficult to get good pictures of this one. Everytime she would smile I'd be too late by the time I got the camera out of my pocket and snapped a picture. It was more difficult trying to bend down and push Milana in this truck and run and take a picture at the same time. So this was really the best I could do.
After our visit today I went to see Karate Kid with the Clarke's. It was all in Russian (no subtitles either). Fortunately having seen the original movie it was pretty easy to figure out what was going on. It was a cute movie.
Later The Clarke's and I met up with the Dean's and we all had dinner. It was nice, but as always the service was slow. We sat there for a good two hours or so which is the norm around here. There was a bit of confusion with our orders. First the entire menu is in Russian so we needed some help figuring out what was what. The waitress placed too many meals in our order. So when the food came out - very slowly and one meal at a time - Roger after finishing his first meal (which was not what he ordered) ended up with another meal. We sent it back and then the waitress came and was very upset with us about this. YIKES!!! We finished up and got the bill and quickly booked it out of there. Maybe we should avoid that place for awhile!


  1. As always, I LOVE the pics!

    It is so awesome that there are other families to hang out with while you are there. I don't think we will get that lucky as RR only has 3 kiddos in 37. One has a committed family, but they are not as far along in the process. It sounds like you are having fun and passing the time well.

    When is your 10 days up?

  2. I'm so glad you have 2 families to spend time with over there. God really orchestrated that one didn't He? :)

    Looking forward to having you back soon!
    P.S. I totally recognized the ball!!!