Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I Love You Tomorrow....

...you're only a day away!!!!

I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am for tomorrow to come. At about 5:00 am tomorrow morning (10:00 pm tonight for you at home) Milana and I will be boarding our first of 3 planes to begin our journey home. First we head to Frankfurt, Germany - also known as "the hotdog place." Then we have a layover and hop on yet another flight to Washington, D.C. before FINALLY getting on our last and final flight home :) I'm hoping she'll be this happy the entire time we are traveling. (One can hope....right?) Then once we are home we will get to these 3 girls. I can't wait to see them!!! It has been far too long since I have seen my girls at home. Karissa won't be there to welcome us off the plane, but she will get in about 4-5 hours later that night. I am so excited to see my oldest baby :)
I am also looking forward to getting home to this guy. He has been so amazing through all of this and I can not thank him enough for all of his love and support. I can't wait to see you!! I miss you so much!!! You are such an amazing husband and father and I love you :)

Now these two little ladies will be at the airport to greet us and I can not wait to HUG them both and give them lots of kisses!! They are going to be the best big sisters ever - of course their big sister is also one of the three best big sisters ever!!! I miss my girls (all 3) so much!! I know they are all so excited to finally get to meet Milana. I am so proud of these three girls. I truly am. Milana is going to just love you all so much!!! And she loves HUGS!!! I love you girls!! Mommy will see you soon!!!

Today we have a few more things left to do. We have our final trip to the U.S. Embassy to finish up paperwork and get Milana's visa so she can come home. We also hope to meet up with some more Reece's Rainbow families. We got to meet up with The Parkers last night at Fridays. Today we are hoping to catch up with Sid & Wendy, Jenny & Steven, and also the Westbrooks. Hope we get to see everyone before heading out tomorrow.
I am so excited we are going home tomorrow. I can't wait to be with my family who I have missed these last 5 weeks. It really has been such a long, long time. I love you guys!!! See you soon!!!


  1. OK, Now I'll be singing that song the rest of the day!!! I can tell how excited you are to come home. 5 weeks???!!!! Wow!! You're amazing to have journeyed this far and long to bring home "the least of these". Seems like yesterday you were having a car wash and yard sales doesn't it???

    Can't wait to meet the newest Wojcik!

  2. I can't tell you're excited at all... JK! What a day to look forward to: HOMECOMING. Five weeks is a looong time! Can't wait to see pics of all your girls together and the whole family. God bless.

  3. Have a safe trip! Can't wait to hear all about it! Love you girlie! :)

  4. I am so glad you are finally heading home!! Praise God. I hope you have a safe, uneventful flight and a wonderful reunion with your family at home.

  5. Wow! I can't believe you're already coming home! It seems like you just got there, but I'm sure the time crawled by for you! I'm hoping we can get home after 5 weeks instead of 7 or 8!

    Good luck with your final travel!!! :)

  6. I SO can not wait to see the pics from your home coming!!!!!!!

  7. Jenn! Congratulations! I can just feel your excitement and relief with being almost done (by the time you read this - completely done!) with the formalities and about to enjoy being one whole family! I hope your trip to the Ukraine has been unforgettable (sounds like it), and thank you so much for all you have done for us! ;)
    We'll continue following your blog.
    God bless you and your precious family!

  8. this post just brought tears to my eyes. Bringing home your baby, being with your family again, I bet you are THRILLED! What an amazing journey you have been on, from start to finish.

  9. Congrats Jenn!!! Hoping you are already home enjoying all your girlies!!!

  10. Congratulations and welcome home with your new bundle of joy!( From one adoptive mom to another, give yourself 6 months to find your new normal:) )

    ps-Kristin's BFF

  11. I know you are probably busy loving on your girls and husband, but we're all waiting for a little post saying you got there ok and of course pictures of your sweet family. I am sure they are loving Milana! God bless you!

  12. cmon - where are the home pics!!!????!?!?!