Friday, May 28, 2010

An Amazing Day

Today has been such an amazing day! Emotional too. Before I can begin with all that has happened today I have to back track a little bit. 

On Wednesday we got our USCIS approval in the mail. This was so exciting as it was the last form we needed for our dossier to be complete. So now all that was left to do was have it notarized and apostilled. Once those things were done we could send off our dossier. Or could we?

Chris and I went to the bank on Thursday and had the forms notarized. Once notarized I faxed it off to my state side coordinators for the big OKAY. That ok came late Thursday evening which meant if I dropped my forms off this morning (which I did) and picked them up after work (which I did) I could mail my dossier off to Eastern Europe this afternoon.

The problem was we were still so far away from raising the money we need to save Milana and bring her home to us. Part of me wanted to send it anyway because I have felt all along that we will be able to raise the money. (Of course I have doubted a little here and there if I am to be completely honest).  Then there was this other part of me that wondered what happens if we don't raise the money? So here I am Thursday night feeling really torn.

Before I went to bed I decided I would say a little pray and I did just that. I prayed that I would get a sign as to what I should do. A sign that would tell me whether or not to mail my dossier or not.

When I got to work I checked my email and I saw that there was an email from Andrea (Reece's Rainbow). I saw that the subject line said good news. I thought Wow, I wonder what good news Andrea has for the group. Well it turns out that the email was not to the group, but to ME! I read the email and re-read it with tears streaming down my face. It was more than good news - it was my sign! 

Andrea shared with me that we had an anonymous donor donate $5,000 to our fund to bring Milana home. I emailed her back telling her about how I was feeling last night and she told me to definitely send my dossier!

I went and shared the information with a ton of friends at school. Each time I told the story my eyes of course filling with tears of joy again. Most people I told their eyes filled with tears too. They all had goose bumps!

I went back a little while later and had another email from Andrea - More Good News. I had to sit down as I read it. That same donor gave us ANOTHER $5,000. Yes, that's right! A total of $10,000!!!!! I have been crying tears of joy on and off all day!

I can not even begin to thank this individual enough. I thank you! My husband thanks you!! My 3 daughters waiting here for Milana thank you!!! We are just so amazed by your generosity! Without your support we would still be struggling to bring Milana home. Now we really feel like we are in the home stretch!! 

I left work today and picked up our last forms from the Secretary of State Dept and headed straight to UPS. Our dossier is now on its way to Eastern Europe!!! Milana my sweet, sweet girl we are getting closer and closer to coming to get you! Thanks to the amazing support we have gotten today! 

What a truly amazing day! My prayers were definitely answered today! I guess we all need to have a little faith!


  1. Truly amazing indeed. What a testament of faith!!!

  2. Oh what an amazing God we have! Thank you, Lord for hearing our prayers! Thank you, to the donor who acted in obedience. I'm so excited for you and your little girl!!!

  3. Praise God! The Bible says that if we have faith, even as small as the size of a mustard seed, then He will move mountains! Your family has been a great example of this type of faith and I'm being blessed by watching you walk in obedience in your quest to bring Milana home!

    Sooo excited for you all!!!

  4. God bless the sweet, sweet heart that helped you all!!! Their reward is great in heaven (and right hear on earth when they see the joy she will bring to your family, and the joy they will receive by having sweet Milana in their lives).

  5. I found your blog from Kristin Ferguson's site and read this post today. I've got my arms covered in goosebumps and tears streaming down my face. I just love hearing what God will do when people are obedient to His call to care for orphans. What an amazing encouragement.

    We'll be praying for your newest angel Milana to be home soon.

    God Bless,

  6. Now this is one of those "God is SO Good" and "This gives me shivers down my spine" kind of posts!! This little one must desperately need to be saved. YAY! You and your family will be doing just that! Congratulations ~ JO