Monday, May 17, 2010

Had our Fingerprint Appt Today

As I mentioned in a previous post we were able to get our fingerprint appt before Karissa leaves to go back to school for the summer. We were very lucky they were able to fit us in. So we got up bright and early to a miserable, rainy day and headed to Durham to get our fingerprints done this morning.

They were so quick and efficient. We got there right for 8:00 and were in and out in 30 minutes. It was fabulous! I did get nervous for a minute when the man who checked us in said we didn't have a time on our form. Fortunately that didn't seem to phase him as he sent us right to the room where we had to have our prints taken.

Now we have to wait for the letter back from them saying we are cleared. This is the last thing we need in order to send our dossier off to Eastern Europe. Once we do that they will give us a date to arrive at the SDA (State Deptartment of Adoptions). Looking forward to getting that date and bringing our little Milana home to us.


  1. Oh yeah! One step closer! Weren't they great?? I was so shocked that a Gov. agency could actually be so efficient.!!

  2. I'm so thrilled that your time-line of having her home before the end of the summer seems to be working out!!! Tell Karissa we said "Have a great summer" and we hope to see her back soon for Milana's homecoming!


  3. how exciting! It sounds like finger printing process was a breeze. How long is the wait, do you know?

  4. One more thing done. You'll be there before you know it.