Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What A Great Night!

Last night was so amazing! We had our fundraiser at Sweet Tomatoes and had a great turn out! A bunch of people from my school came which was so nice! Thank you guys for coming! You're the best!!

One of Chris's co-workers came which was really sweet. She came with her son, daughter in law, and their baby. (What a cutie he was).

There were a ton of people who came because my friend Evelyn's mom sent emails and passed out flyers! I can't thank Evelyn and her Mom enough for doing that for us! It really helped!! There were a ton of people who came because they sent out all those emails and flyers! It was so nice to get to meet all these people here to help support us in our efforts to raise money to bring Milana home!

We also got to meet some people from the Notre Dame Club down here. One of the guys in the club read a post I wrote on ND Nation and he then put something in the ND Club Newsletter regarding our event at Sweet Tomatoes. Thanks to Joe for not only putting the information regarding our fundraiser in the newsletter, but also for coming and being there for us! Because our information was in the newsletter we met a wonderful gentleman who came to support us. He just moved here two weeks ago, saw it in the newsletter, and came to show his support! Another ND graduate came with his family to show his support for us. Which was super nice. He even knew about my blog and sounds like he had read it too. How cool is that?? His daughter works with children in special ed preschool services and we got to talk a bit which was nice.

It was so great talking to everyone. I just can't thank everyone enough for coming out and just being there for us. It really means a lot to us! Thank you!!


  1. Glad to hear it was a successful night. The connections you're getting to make through this adoption are priceless. :)


  2. I loved Sweet Tomatoes! I had never been before so thanks for inviting me!!! I'm praying for your car wash! And still getting plans together for the yardsale!