Monday, May 3, 2010

Off To A Good Start

This week is really off to a good start. I was anxiously awaiting an email this morning to get the okay on a form I need to mail off to get apostilled. Actually I have to mail it to one office in one city in Maryland so that the form can be certified. Then they are mailing it to the Secretary of State Dept inMaryland to have it apostilled, and then it will be mailed back to me. That one paper sure is going to get around!

I also got to mail off my home study this morning. It is now on its way to USCIS to join my I600A application. I sent it express mail so it is guarenteed to be there by noon tomorrow. Hopefully they will process everything quickly so that we can get our fingerprint appointment while Karissa is home.

Now I am just waiting for another notarized copy of my home study and a couple of other things I need to go along with my home study and I can get all of that (and the forms I needed to fix) apostilled.

Hopefully this week will continue to run smoothely. Also hoping our fundraiser tomorrow night at Sweet Tomatoes will have a good turn out so that we can raise some money to bring home our little girl. We truly just can't wait to get her home to us!

1 comment:

  1. Nice way to start off the week! You'll have that paperwork "list" whittled down to nothing soon!