Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Very Strange

As I mentioned in my last post Chris, Karissa (our 19 year old), and I had our fingerprint appointment yesterday. The Officer in charge of our case at USCIS had faxed us the appt letters to take with us and mentioned she was also putting them in the mail.

When yesterday's mail arrived Chris and I both had 2 letters from USCIS. I just assumed it was for our appointments yesterday. So I open them up and the letters were for our appointments dated May 26 at 10am for me and May 26 at 11 am for Chris.

I didn't want USCIS to think we didn't get our fingerprints completed until then so of course I called today. The Officer in charge of our case said she would be looking for our fingerprints tomorrow to approve them. I asked how long after that should I expect the letter and she said once she approves them they go through her supervisor and then they place them in the mail.

I am praying that we get what we need by early next week! Especially since things seem to be taking longer on the other end - in Eastern Europe.

We are really looking forward to bringing Milana home and getting a date. I still wonder why I am in such a rush as the money just isn't there. Right now we are working on letters to send to local businesses to try and get the word out about our Mudcats Fundraiser in hopes someone will purchase tickets from us. (Right now we've sold 6 tickets). We also have a press release that we are planning on sending out to the radio stations, news stations, etc that we got some help with. Praying really hard this helps get the word out about our adoption and touches some people enough to make a donation to help us bring Milana home.


  1. Praying the funds come in quickly. Our process took almost 2 years! It seems like things are moving right along for your family. Sooner or later, the timing will be perfect in the end. I can't wait for you to bring home your adorable little daughter!

  2. What is the Mudcats fundraiser? I'm south of you in Fayetteville so I don't always hear the same updates as everyone else might. :-S

  3. So, you might get your approval letter by the end of the week! That would be amazing!!! Can't wait to hear the press release. Let me know about that because I was considering calling my friend at WRAL to do a story on RR families, etc. ;)