Monday, June 14, 2010


I got an email today about our dossier which is in Eastern Europe. I was hoping it was a good email, but it wasn't. It appears that we need to get one of our forms redone. Apparently there is an issue with the notary date.

Of course this is one of the few forms I don't have a copy of so I can't look at it myself. (Isn't that always the way)? So I ran downtown to the Department of Revenue as soon as I got the email and went to get a new Proof of Home Ownership Form. I made sure the notary date wasn't expiring any time soon. Then as I started to walk away it hit me. The date that I saw in the body of the letter was the same date they said our paperwork was notarized with. Now I'm wondering if this will be an issue.

The notary date on the new form appears to be ok. It is just the appraisal date in the body of the letter which I am now wondering about. It is just ironic that this date (the appraisal date) is the same date that was an issue on the original form which was said to be the date it was notarized with.

So please say a prayer or two that once we get this form apostilled and over to Eastern Europe that it will be okay. We were so hoping to be submitted this week and now that isn't going to happen. We really want to get to Milana so that we can begin the process in her country and get her home as soon as possible.

Riley and Peyton are so excited to be big sisters and have Milana home with them. They want to play with her and read to her. Karissa can't wait to come home to meet her newest little sister. And Chris and I just can't wait to hold her and just hug her like crazy. So please pray that all goes well from here.


  1. I'll be praying this paperwork gets a quick thumbs up for processing. It's all in God's hands though. I bet your girls are SO excited to meet Milana. Are they going to travel with you when you go get her?

    Hey, did you see my news? ;-) It's pretty exciting stuff.

  2. So sorry for the delay. Praying fora quick resolution.

  3. Oh boo! Do you want me to go over to the SDA when we're back in Kiev and give them "what for"?ha ha!

    Praying for a speedy turnaround with this form.