Friday, June 25, 2010

Disappointing News

It seems that lately we have had one setback after another. Unfortunately that is the way it goes from time to time in life and especially with international adoptions. We re-did our form twice because they were not happy with how it was worded or how it looked. We have now done it yet again and are thinking it will finally be good enough. We were hoping more than anything that we would finally be submitted on Thursday.

I found out today that that will not happen. For whatever reason the SDA (State Dept. of Adoptions) has decided that they will not be accepting dossiers from 7/1-7/14. Talk about disappointment! Now we have to hope that they will be up and running and ready to accept dossiers on 7/15 and also that ours is submitted that day.

I have heard time and time again and learned that things don't happen in our time. That just stinks!! It is also frustrating because I worked extremely hard to get everything done so that we could make this work during the summer when school was out.

We want more than anything to bring Milana home to us. We just want to get to her as soon as possible so that we can begin the process in her country and get her home. We're not sure how it will all work out with this added delay and having to make two trips. Having to make two trips is bad enough - the delay in getting submitted just makes it worse.


  1. We had that same issue with April - our dossier sat, in country, for 2 extra weeks. It was hard - I feel your pain.

    It will all be worth it in the end!

  2. UGH! Why aren't they accepting them for those 2 weeks? Are they back-logged? Are they trying to catch up? Imagine how slammed they will be on 7/15!! LOL!

  3. We are right there with you. Our dossier was "attempted for delivery" to Yulia on Wednesday, no updated noted since then and now I just found out about the SDA. It's so frustrating, I'm trying to keep my sanity. Well we can only hope for the 15th and maybe we'll be able to meet each other in Kiev. Kim B.

  4. Hang in there Jennifer!! Just keep your eyes on the prize!! She will be home with you very soon!

  5. No words of widom here. YEP, that just STINKS!! Praying they'll be ready on 7/15.

  6. So sorry. Praying for soon.